Every season its charme

Hinking, cycling or skiing? Swimming or visiting the region? In the Auvergne all of this is possible, in every season.
In the spring time the days get longer every day, the earth is warmed up by the sun, the flowers grow, the birds sing.... A perfect time for hiking. The summer gives us warmth and sunshine, an ideal moment to get to the summits of the mountains (Puy de Sancy, Puy de Dôme, Puy Pariou), or to got to one of the many lakes for a swim or sunbath. Let’s not forget all places to discover, the brocantes, the town markets and all summer festivities. After the summer, there is definitely and Indian Summer in the month of September which is ideal to discover the region by balloon or parapente. You will be surprised to see the leaves changing colors, which announces the beginning of the beautiful period of autumn. In the winter time, you will be surprised by the magnificent change of scenery by the snow. There is a wonderful skiing-area about 20 km from Saint-Nectaire, for both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. At the Massif du Sancy there are some 300 km of winter sports possibilities (altitude de 1300 till 1800 m.). Besides skiing you can also choose to go for a pleasant and interesting walk in the area. As if you were in a Winter Wonderland.
And to be honest, have you ever skied on a volcano??
Church of Saint Nectaire
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